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Jonesborough Pet and Home Services

Janet Brannan 850-319-2227

Call or Text Me Today!

Peace of Mind is Everything!!

In a world where it is difficult to know who to trust, my goal is to provide an unparalleled level of trust and confidence with my clients

Available in Johnson City, Jonesborough and Gray TN

My Pricing

My service area covers Jonesborough and the west side of Johnson City near ETSU. Each visit varies between $15-$20. Dogs usually require two to three visits each day while you are traveling and cats require one or two visits per day. I can run errands, do light house cleaning and sit with your loved one for up to two hours. Please contact me for pricing


I am experienced with all types and ages of dogs and cats. I will also care for your rabbits, fish, bird and some farm animals.

I will provide lots of playtime and loving care for all your pets. Dog care will either include playtime in your yard or a walk in your neighborhood.​

Let me Make Your Life Easy

Call me for daily visits for dog walking or cat care while you are at work or not able to care for your pets for health reasons. Your pets will remain in the comfort of your home and I will keep them on their regular routine.  I have lots of experience with both senior and very young pets.

Meet Me

Prior to caring for your pets in your home, I will visit with you in person and get to know you and your furry friends. All concerns and questions will be addressed at this time. While you are away I will give updates each day.